IMS is a solution for video networking in the field of radio and television. It is integrated solution combined with device, software and system. IMS is aimed at providing integrated traditional SDI system, IP encoder with wireless/wired transmission system, internet live system, the next generation high-definition IP system SMPTE-2022 integration of video transmission, intelligent management, integrated scheduling and solutions to live Internet.


IMS has the characteristics of cost effective, easy to deploy, flexibility and scalability characteristics. It takes into account the traditional SDI system, and also for the next generation of high-definition IP system. Whether from the system or the operation habits, compared to traditional TV systems, IMS is simpler and more intuitive to assist broadcast TV users to effectively face the challenges of IP-based and new media.

Based on the experience of "Summer Sweetheart" project's on-site implementation, Kiloview proposed to build a new concept called IMS (Integrated Media-network System). IMS system and SDN system has a completely similar concept, but IMS is more practical and targeted. IMS is to realize the centralized control and management of video transmission network, aiming at compression IP systems (including cable systems and wireless systems), while taking into account the traditional SDI system and IP-based uncompressed system.

"Summer Sweetheart"